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Life is a Strange Thing
April 2006
Wed, Apr. 19th, 2006 06:56 pm

yes - i know - it has been a long while. i have just been soooo busy! I transferred to SCAD and I like it so far. I could not STAND AIA. UGH! I am so glad to be away from that place.

Riley and I are engaged. It happened on Valentines but i am just now getting to add it to my own journal. Ahhhhhh! I am excited and nervous at the same time. We are planning on something next May in savannah. We are going down there in a couple of weeks to check everything out. I hope we can work it because it would be so beautiful! We have a lot of planning to do between now and then so i am grateful that we have a year to work on it! LOL!

We are really busy at work. I have been working as the acting designer manager for a couple of months now. I just interviewed for the position so i should hear back soon on that. Most people think that I am a shoo-in. We will see. :-)

Riley got hired on FT at his job. So that is exciting! He is now making about the same as me and with benefits. WOOHOOO!

On top of all that, I am going up to New York City for 2 weeks with SCAD. We are going to be going around to different ad agencies and getting to see how they work. I have never been there so that is really going to be fun.

Anyways...thats the update...maybe I'll try to update this more often.

We will see..

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Fri, Nov. 19th, 2004 10:20 am

YESSSS...i know i have not updated this thing in a while...but when you have a busy life, you have to prioritize what is important and what can wait. :-)

life has been good. Work is going really well. My boss thinks that i will make a great manager if that position ever came up. i really like working there and i get along with most of the people.

This month has been great since i have accumulated so much telework and vacation, i just decided to work only 3 days per week for the month of november! MOnday through Wednesday. I work 3 days - off for 4! LOL! It has been a lot of fun.

Riley and I are doing very well. Our 1 yr is coming up on the 30th. Cannot wait. :-) It feels like i have known / dated him for a lot longer. I cannot see myself not being with him.

We are planning a trip to Australia next year and staying with his brother & sister-in-law. It is going to be so much fun! I have been really wanting to travel lately. In august I went to the Keys, which is a great place to go! I want to go back so badly! LOL!

Trying to plan other trips that are just Riley and myself. We need a weekend away, you know? I am thinking about a Bed & Breakfast in the mountains or something. That would be great. Might be Feb before we do anything though. Decemeber and Jan are pretty much booked.

School is doing well. I have about 3 more weeks in this quarter. I will be very glad when it is over. Of course, i say that about every quarter!! LOL!

Parent - my mom & dad just bought a house for my grandparents. It is 15 houses up the street from them. I think my grandparents are going to be really happy and will start to really enjoy their lives better.

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Sun, Sep. 26th, 2004 08:14 pm

YUP YUP! I gotta new car! Mine decided to completely break down (no clutch) and it would cost too much to fix. Besides I wanted a new car DAMN IT! LOL!

Here are the photos:


I got it on Saturday. I went online the night before and basically built the car that I would love to have. So I went into the dealership and they had one! With a better deal than i could have hoped for. It is a 2005 VW Jetta. ONLY 10 MILES ON IT! It was just recently shipped to the dealer and they had only driven it enough to get gas! LOL!

I am excited. Drove it around a couple of hours today - had errands. I love it.

Only downside - now i HAVE to drive if i am with a group of people - but i like it so much that i don't care! LOL! :-)

It has so many cool features - sun roof, cd/cassette/am/fm radio, air bags everywhere, big truck, alarm system, these really cool keys that have lasers in them. They are not the typical key. The key part is built into the alarm keyring thingy.

Now it is time for a ROAD TRIP! LOL! :-)

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Sat, Jun. 19th, 2004 05:51 pm

My journal has been changed to MY FRIENDS ONLY and all posts are screened. I do not ever delete posts but i do make them "private". I do not want horrible, untrue and hateful posts on my journal. It is my journal...my thoughts and feelings. If you don't like them, go away. Leave us alone. I have told certain people multiple times to leave us alone and they have refused. I do not understand this. If someone profess' to hate you soooo much...why won't they just leave you alone?

I am not going to lower myself to anyones level by saying anymore.

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Mon, May. 24th, 2004 09:47 pm

crystamarie is a radioactive squirrel!!


From Go-Quiz.com


Sat, May. 22nd, 2004 10:04 am

School is still hectic as always. Work is starting to calm down a bit. I have been doing overtime to catch up on all the work we have. Everyone is doing overtime. Oh well.

Going tuesday for the walk through on my new condo...fun fun fun. I cannot wait to move into the new place. My closing is on June 8th so i am going to try to move some stuff that weekend. :-) I at least want my bed so i can sleep there over the weekend. Woohoo!

Of course...when i get it all painted and all my crap over there...then i will have a party!

Anyways...next quarter i am taking off of school...work and moving are going to be too involved for me to deal with school. And i NEED a break from that place. Geesh.

I also quit game. I have been seriously thinking of doing this for a while so it is not a spontaneious event. I don't think that I can give enough of my time to fully play the game right and I feel that i was cheating Veronica on playing her correctly. I still might play NPC characters one day...but right now I need a break from that scene too. I just feel like i have been pulled into so many directions that i cannot really focus on one thing. And everything is suffering for it. So i got to focus on school until the end of the quarter...then getting my place set and moving.

BTW - if anyone wants to help me move...i am willing to pay for gas expenses and food/beverages for that day. Just let me know. :-)

I think the "big" move will be around the end of June. The weekend BEFORE july 4th. I won't make anyone try to move me on that day! LOL! :-)

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Wed, May. 12th, 2004 10:26 pm

That is about all i have! I have been so busy lately...even riley is getting the push to leave me alone to do my homework! LOL!

Anyways...if life was not hectic enough BS is having us work overtime in order to catch up on all the work! AHHHH! and I cannot get some of my team members to go their jobs so i am having to do more work for this school project...and i just feel so overwhelmed. Then people at work or whatever come up to me with their petty problems and i really don't have time for it. I nod and try to listen but i am so frustrated with work and school...that i don't remember what they say.

i know that is horrible to do...but when you have zero free time to really listen to someone rant about marta trains (no...it was not riley) or that their boyfriend has not said "i love you" yet and they have only been dating 3 months...or or or....god i can go on and on about OPP!

Anyways...i am exhausted - going to bed now - have to be into work at 7:30...god...are the birds up even then! ugh!

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Sat, May. 8th, 2004 11:38 pm

having fun listening and feeling tanya, donnie and lauren dancing behind me....lol!
tooo funny...tooo manu shots....ahhhhh....and i am sober! ahhhhhhhh


Fri, Apr. 30th, 2004 04:47 pm

As usual...blah blah blah! LOL!

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Thu, Apr. 22nd, 2004 07:02 pm

Here is the latest
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